Temecula, CA Balloon Festivals

Temecula - California's Best Kept Secret

In 2019, we retired in Temecula, CA, located in Riverside County, after considering San Diego County, which borders Riverside County.  According to the 2020 Census, Temecula's population was 110,003The decision to settle in Temecula was influenced by our friend Dave, who recommended the area for its affordability and beauty. Dave's positive experiences from attending telecommunications events in Temecula prompted us to explore further. Comparing home prices, we found them to be similar to those in Maryland, where we previously resided. Concerns about higher California property taxes were outweighed by the appealing weather and only slightly higher sales tax. Our preference for no snow or ice and better weather prompted us to accept the higher taxes. Tired of dealing with snow and ice, we were ready for a change. Observing rising real estate prices during our search, we realized the need to act swiftly. Fortuitously, while the Washington DC Metro area saw escalating home prices, Temecula's remained stable, making it an ideal choice. With the timing right, we made the move to Temecula, a best kept secret, where we now enjoy living in paradise .

In 2020, the unexpected global shutdown caused by COVID-19 coincided with a significant surge in housing prices across the country. In places like Temecula, CA, there has been a rise in home sales driven by urban dwellers seeking more space and square footage in less densely populated areas. In contrast, places like Los Angeles due to its high cost of living have seen a decrease in migration to other counties like Riverside and states (such as Arizona, Texas, Utah). Homes in Riverside county are in high demand, often selling quickly with multiple bidders, while attracting more tourists due to Temecula's appealing amenities such as golf courses, wineries, hot air balloon festivals, concerts, the Pechanga Casino resort, lakes, camping sites, and its lively Old Town restaurants and bars.

There so many things to do in Temecula, we want to share the various experiences you can explore while in Temecula. For tours and experiences you can reserve now and pay later, just need to cancel within 24 hours before the start of your adventure. Discover what Temecula has to offer: 

 Other areas and attractions within Southern California to explore are:



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