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Purple Ariadne

Baby Stroller Newborn Meeting Gift Box

Baby Stroller Newborn Meeting Gift Box

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Fabric: blended
Style 1: Ultimate Edition-Local Gold-Khaki
Style 2: Ultimate Edition-Local Gold-Sapphire Blue
Style 3: Ultimate Edition-Local Gold-Cowboy Grey
Style 4: Ultimate Edition-Local Gold-Wine Red
Style 5: Flagship Edition-Local Gold-American Style
Style 6: Ultimate Edition-Local Gold-Cherry Blossom Powder
Style 7: exclusive local gold-rubber rear wheel-khaki
Style 8: exclusive local gold-rubber rear wheel-cowboy gray
Style 9: exclusive local gold-rubber rear wheel-burgundy
Style 10: exclusive local gold-rubber rear wheel-sapphire blue
Style 11: exclusive local gold-rubber rear wheel-cherry blossom powder
Style 12: exclusive local gold-rubber rear wheel-American style
Style 13: Extreme edition local gold-four-wheel rubber-khaki
Style 14: Extreme edition local gold-four-wheel rubber-cherry blossom powder
Style 15: Extreme edition local gold-four-wheeled rubber-wine red
Style 16: Extreme edition local gold-four-wheeled rubber-sapphire blue
Style 17: Extreme edition local gold-four-wheeled rubber-American style
Style 18: Extreme Edition Local Gold-Four Wheels Rubber-Cowboy Grey

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Packing list:
Baby stroller *1

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