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CaBougieDo® Dragon Slayer Maple Wood Humidor (12 " x 9.75 " x 4")

CaBougieDo® Dragon Slayer Maple Wood Humidor (12 " x 9.75 " x 4")

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CaBougieDo® Custom Made to Order Dragon Slayer Humidor is made out of Solid Maple Wood with Spanish Cedar Lining in the USA. As all orders are Custom-Made Allow up to 3 weeks for shipment.

Our Fortress is the 2nd largest of our two Humidors and all of our Humidors is hand crafted and uniquely designed so that no two boxes will look exactly alike.  

Maple Wood: Made from solid maple wood, will have a smooth texture with tight, uniform grain patterns. While maple typically has a white, creamy color, it will vary slightly from a white to a light pink or reddish brown. Maple contains a natural resin that will darken to an amber color as it ages. Sunlight will accelerate this process. Maple also contains small, natural mineral streaks which occurs as the trees absorb the minerals from the soil.  

Spanish Cedar Inner Lining: Our Humidors contain and inner lining of Solid Spanish cedar which holds more moisture than most woods, making it an excellent choice of material for a humidor that you open frequently. This aids in the rehydrating process, allowing your humidor to recover quicker and maintain a stabile environment. Final Touch: Our humidors final touch is to coat three layers of glossy polyurethane to enhance the natural uniqueness and beauty of each piece of Maple or Cherry Wood box.

Before you add cigars or tobacco products to a wood humidor, you need to season it so the wood doesn’t suck moisture meant for your smokes. This Humidor includes two Built in Wooden Holders with a Boveda® Starter Kit (the Boveda starter kit comes with instructions on how to season your humidor before using. 

This Humidor includes: 

  • All of our Humidors include a Hygrometer which is an instrument for measuring the humidity of the air.
  • Our Humdors comes with a patented Boveda® humidor starter kit for easy humidor seasoning. Boveda’s® patented 2-way humidity control continually responds to ambient conditions by adding or removing moisture to affect the enclosed environment and deliver the predetermined RH (relative humidity) level printed on the pack.  As authorized resellers when you need more Boveda®, you can get your refills in our online store.
  • We also offer our Dragon Slayer in Cherry Wood a Fortress Humidor in Ambrosia Maple (11.75 "x 7.75 " x 4.25 ").

CaBougieDo offers the following options:
With CaBougieDo Logo Standard Engraving as illustrated.
With Your Custom Engraving. Once you select and purchase the custom option, and we receive your order we will contact you with the email you use at checkout to get the details of your custom request. 
As all orders are Custom-Made, Allow up to 3 weeks for shipment.


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