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Dog Rope Toys Dog Toy Set Pink Green Dog Slipper

Dog Rope Toys Dog Toy Set Pink Green Dog Slipper

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The Perfect Bundle: A bundle of 8 popular chew toys that are designed for any dog breed. Includes 5 dog rope toys, 2 rubber bones, and a rubber ring. Heavy-Duty Rope Toys: These heavy-duty rope toys are perfect for tug of war, toss, and fetch games. Great for bonding with your dog and interactive play! Help keep dogs physically and mentally active! Durable Ropes:: These ropes are tear-resistant. They are made of cotton polyesters. The ropes are strong, durable, and designed to withstand vigorous play. A Great Treat: An excellent way to help remove plaque and tartar build-up as your furry friend chews the rope toy. Product Sizes: The bundle includes: 2 of 6.3” flip flop-shaped chew toys, 2 of 10.2” tug toys, a 6.7” braided corn stick, a 3.9” rubber ring (3.9” in diameter), and 2 of 3.9” rubber bone toys.
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