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Oily Blends

Farmer's Market 1 oz Wax Melt Sampler

Farmer's Market 1 oz Wax Melt Sampler

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Each box includes 6 assorted Farmer's Market 1 oz wax melts from our Farmer's Market scent line.

Scents may include:
                                • Blueberry - Fresh, juicy blueberries, straight from the field
                                • Key Lime - an energizing balance of zesty, tart, and sweet notes
                                • Lemon - This dewy green fresh fruity floral has notes of apple, berries, water lily and musk
                                • Peach - Smells like a fresh picked peach, hints of green and fuzz
                                • Sage - Smells just like fresh cut sage true to nature
                                • Strawberry - Sweet fresh picked strawberry with hints of the green fields
                                • Blackberry - Sun-ripened blackberries and hints of sage
                                • Cherry - This scent makes you think of a bucket of fresh cherries
                                • Orange - Fresh squeezed orange, sprinkled with zest
                                • Banana - Fresh ripened banana
                                • Watermelon - Sweet, sugary, juicy watermelon
                                • Granny Smith Apples - Fresh green sweet true granny smith apple
                                • Pineapple - Sweet, robust aroma of fresh cut pineapple
                                • Mango Papaya - Uplifting tropical blend of sun-kissed mango and juicy papaya
                                • Raspberry - The rich, decadent tartness of raspberries
                                • Coconut - Rich and creamy coconut blend

                                ** Due to the nature of natural soy wax, the wax may vary in texture and color. 

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