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Human Body Hypothermia Lifesaving Emergency Blanket In Outdoor Field

Human Body Hypothermia Lifesaving Emergency Blanket In Outdoor Field

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1. Emergency Blanket (Silver)-Durable high-grade aluminized double-sided polyester film blanket is very suitable to keep warm in survival conditions by preserving body temperature. Put them in your hiking backpack, first aid kit, or emergency kit at home or work.
2. Seal separately and fold it in half conveniently to put it in your palm or pocket.
3. Lightweight and durable-the blanket is reusable, waterproof, windproof, and moisture-proof. It can be used as a ground cover for a shelter, a sun visor or an ultra-light blanket to prevent chills after running a marathon.
4. Emergency use-Mylar blanket is designed to retain 90% of body heat, in extreme cases it can help prevent hypothermia or shock, and can keep you warm when hiking, backpacking or camping, if you are in a humid environment It can also help prevent moisture, or rainy environments.

Product information:

Material: PET
Thickness: 12um
Specifications: 130*210cm
Single weight: 55g
Packing quantity: 200/carton
Net weight: 13kg
Gross weight: 14kg
Outer box size: 26*26*37cm

The package includes:

1 x outdoor emergency survival warm blanket

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