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CaBougieDo Pet Green Lipped Mussel Tincture 1000mg CBD

CaBougieDo Pet Green Lipped Mussel Tincture 1000mg CBD

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We searched for more products to add to our pet CBD line and we are proud to introduce our Green Lipped Mussel Tincture with 1000mg CBD. 

What is Green Lipped Mussels? 

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), Green-lipped mussels (GLMs) might be something you have never heard of, or sound like something you could order at your favorite seafood restaurant. But these unique shellfish are a type of mollusk found off the coast of New Zealand that is packed with nutrients. So, how could they help our dogs who suffer from joint pain?

The answer begins with the Maori, indigenous people who live in mainland New Zealand and have eaten the local green-lipped mussels for centuries. Research has revealed that the Maoris who live on the coast and eat a regular diet of mussels have an extremely low incidence of arthritis. This is not true for Maoris who live inland and don’t eat the mussels.

Early research suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) may help pets with conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, and seizures. As always, we encourage you to educate yourself and discuss with your veterinarian which product works best for your pets.

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