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Purple Ariadne

Wood grain essential oil aromatherapy machine

Wood grain essential oil aromatherapy machine

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●Features: The brightness and spray can be adjusted separately, which can be used as a luminaire alone. It can also be turned off when used as a spray during the day. The spray can be set for 4 groups of time, with a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 3 hours. With two brightness adjustment buttons, it can be used as bedside lamp and night light. The water-free automatic power-off is closed, safe and secure.

●Features: Work hard for a day, return home, turn on the aroma, humidification, sound and night light to create a warm and romantic atmosphere for you and your family.

 ● Tip: The applicable area is 30-40 square meters of aroma and 20 square meters of humidification. Press the mist key for one second or longer to turn on the spray function. The spray effect will get bigger and bigger after 15 minutes of operation. Suitable for water volume of about 250ml, filling the spray is small. 

 Aromatherapy machine H5528, 300ml water tank capacity, equipped with Bluetooth technology, the phone directly controls playback. The soothing aroma combined with ultrasound technology covers a very wide area. Simply place this compact and elegant aroma diffuser in your bedroom, living room or office to enjoy clean, fresh air that will not only create a miracle for your body and mind.

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